Thursday, 14 August 2014

Poem - A Rose-Tinted Childhood

Acting out the hairdressers in my pretty pink bedroom,
Asking my customers, “Are you going on holiday soon?”
Playing this marvellous game I would beam,
When it came to the real thing, I wasn’t so keen.                                                                                    
Baking with Grandma to make lemon cakes,
How much longer is it going to take?
For that cake to be ready and cooked right the way through,
So that we can eat it together, just me and you.       

Shoes shining, not a hair out of place,
All to be spoiled when I joined in the race,
Running across the playground as if a tiger was after me,
Then drawing a picture, what on earth could it be? 

Trying to catch a glimpse of the tooth fairy, 
To her I would probably seem very scary.
Maybe if I lie still and pretend to be asleep,
She might come in through the window and then I could take a peep.

So many memories that I have stored in my head, 
I expect there will be countless more on the path up ahead.

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