Sunday, 21 June 2015

Another Reader's Poem

I received this poem from a reader which I'm sure you can relate to. It is about the time in life when there are so many happy memories in your head and yet all you can think of is that one hurtful remark somebody once made. Although you may feel saddened by this fact, know that you are in control of your own mind. You can choose to think pleasant thoughts. Try looking in a photo album of past holidays, listening to a song from your childhood or even reading some of the happy stories and poems which I post!

Here is the reader's poem:

Be careful what you say to others.
Like an email it cannot be retrieved once uttered.
A remark, once made, pops out of the deepest recess of the memory of the recipient at the most unlikely moment.
It is never diminished by the passage of time.
Why must the memory, so useful and essential for everyday life, have this wicked side to it?
A remark is just as hurtful fifty years later as it was on the day when it was first received.
The mind seems to wait until one is at rest from everyday occupation, and then from nowhere out slips this wicked barb.
The question for me that remains unanswered is: for what purpose does this happen?
Is the old person with dementia still subjected to the regurgitation of a past remark?
The mystery of life may be in the Universe, but what manipulating force controls the memory?
What happened to all those short lived memories of the young killed in their prime?
Is there something similar to The Cloud where all memory is collected and stored for ever?
Will we ever be able to
tap into this source? If it even exists ...

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