Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Monologue - Inspired by 'The Woman in Black'

Recently I read 'The Woman in Black' and I decided to do a monologue from her point of view as if she was nine years old.

Today started so well. Alice and I were on the beach collecting shells like the sisters in story books do, but then the stupid sea mists came and spoiled the fun. We were forced inside and our Governess told me to “Play nicely Jennet” but I don’t want to be nice to Alice. She’s just jealous of me because she used to be the centre of attention until I came along. I can make anyone think that I’m a good girl and that Alice is naughty, sometimes it surprises me how much power I have over the grown-ups. Even when I tore the ruffles on the dress I wear to Sunday school, everyone believed me when I said Alice had done it.

We have never loved each other like true sisters. The only thing Alice has done to be like a big sister is to boss me about. When we were sent inside today, we decided to play with our dolls even though the Governess says girls of our age shouldn’t still be playing with children’s toys. I’m only nine; I wish people would stop forcing me to grow up. Alice said I wasn’t holding the doll in the right way, but I didn’t want her to think she could tell me what to do, so I held on tight to it. She tried to snatch it off me, but the doll’s head got ripped off instead and I was left holding the limp body. I didn’t want to, but I started crying and Alice said I would never make a good mother. When I grow up, I’ll show her, I’m going to have a child of my own and there will be nothing she can do about it.

But now, I am stuck in my bedroom until morning with no supper because my parents are fed up with Alice and I fighting. Sometimes when we go for a walk along the cliffs, Alice goes right up to the edge and looks over. Mummy says she mustn’t, but I dare her to. I wonder to myself what would happen if I just gave her a little push. No, I wouldn’t. But I like to think about it.

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