Thursday, 16 October 2014

A novella - Chapter One - Puppy possibilities

"Exciting news!" I give my mum a withering look as she practically bounces around my bedroom, "At work today Adam told us that his cocker spaniel is about to have puppies!" Mum has always wanted a dog but up until now, the opportunity has never arisen. I must say, I'm quite eager too. I ask, "Really? I didn't know he had dogs."
"Yes, he has four adult dogs already and they're expecting a big litter of puppies. The mum is absolutely huge and Adam's emailed me a picture of her and the dad. Do you think you would be interested?"
"Of course! It would be so nice to have a puppy. Our only trouble is persuading dad."
"Yes, I was thinking that. Let's mention it at dinner and see what he says. We can keep working on him until the puppies are born and ready to be visited." As my mum leaves the room, I can't help but jump around a bit myself. It's so exciting! Visiting the puppies, choosing one, naming it, taking it for walks, the list goes on.

I look up some pictures on my computer of cocker spaniels just as my dad calls me to lay the table for dinner. I wonder what he will say when we break the news . . .

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