Thursday, 9 October 2014

Poem - #itsaGirlThing

I heard about the campaign to promote girls' rights when watching one of Hazel Haye's videos on the channel ChewingSand.

In the run up to International Day of the Girl on the 11th of October, Plan International have started a campaign to "highlight injustices and challenge the world to make changes to ensure all girls access their rights".

I felt that I should do my bit by writing a poem about girl's rights. After you've finished reading, why not play your part?

Are you proud to be a girl?
You should be.

Do you feel equal with boys?
You should do.

Has anyone ever told you how lucky you are?
They should have.

Are you in school?
You should be.

Do you have freedom of speech?
You should do.

Has anyone ever reassured you that you're safe?
They should have.

But what if you're not proud, equal or lucky?
What if you don't go to school, aren't allowed to say what you think or don't feel safe?

Then something has to be done.
Until all girls are proud, equal and lucky to be who they are, we cannot rest.

Stand up.
Shout out.
Make a difference.

I hope this poem has made you realise how important equality is and if all you do is go onto the Plan International website, that is enough to raise awareness and start making a change.


Watch Hazel's video

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