Thursday, 30 October 2014

Poem - Seasons

I never used to notice you,
Until one day I opened my eyes and saw,
That the world was starting anew.

So many lives just beginning,
It seems impossible that anything could end,
For the world will keep on spinning.

But people forget the new starts,
They want an end to work and school.

Much celebration for the joyous times ahead,
Planning, booking, travelling, relaxing.
No time at all to rest your sleepy head.

But play has to stop some day,
And work must continue.

A time for preparation,
Everyone must think ahead for what is inevitable,
Waiting with anticipation.

But time has run out,
Woe betide the unprepared.

Harsh times are to come,
Yet they are blinded by the light of festivities,
Deafened by merriment to which all will succumb.

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